Our Bushcraft sessions will help you learn foundation forest survival.

Bushcraft – Fire
Our fire lighting sessions will give you a chance to light fire like a cave man using natural resources as well as modern techniques, testing your patients, perseverance and determination requiring a team to work together to ensure their fire is successful.

Bushcraft – Shelter
The shelter session shows you how to build a home away from home keeping you warm, dry and out of the elements. Shelter sessions can vary drastically in duration, from a 1.5-hour session to a multi-day residential, where the group will be given the chance to test their shelters overnight, showing them that with work they can be completely self-sufficient with very little equipment. In either case the participants will be responsible for their own shelter, (with guidance from an instructor), ultimately dictating how dry and warm they will be.

Bushcraft Food & Water
The food and water sessions will get you hunting and foraging for your next meal as well as ensuring you know how to skin, gut and cook your catch, this session is not for the squeamish.

Feeling adventurous? Try our bushcraft residential, this can be up to 3 days, giving you the skills to survive and thrive in the woods. Perfect for corporate groups, schools and those looking for adventure.

All of our bushcraft activities are catered to your learning outcomes and needs, regardless of experience, we have a session for you.

With all our bushcraft sessions we will discuss the potential impact we can have in the wilderness. Creating a foundation of “leaving no trace” will ensure that the environment can be enjoyed by all for many seasons to come. The group will learn a few simple steps to ensure that they are keeping their surroundings safe, and unspoilt.